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First Skydive

Get ready for the most exciting time of your life!!  At Sky Down Skydiving, you will be accompanied on your skydive by the most enthusiastic skydiving professionals in Idaho!!  Use the information provided below to choose which first jump you wish to make with us.
A Tandem skydive is the most popular way for people to experience the thrill of freefall and the serenity of a parachute ride with the least amount of training.  On a tandem skydive, you are attached to the front of a USPA rated tandem instructor during the entire freefall and parachute ride.  Your instructor controls the jump, so you are free to experience the sensations of flying while enjoying the breathtaking view of the valley.
Our highly experienced videographers can record your experience from start to finish so your special adventure can be shared with family and friends.  Imagine their faces when they see you out there flying in the air!!!  In most cases, tapes and DVD's are ready the same day. 
The oldest and most proven method of teaching skydiving, starts with a 4-6 hour class.  This course teaches you the fundamentals of skydiving so you can experience the self-satisfaction of exiting the airplane, flying the canopy and landing it all by yourself on the first jump!  Each jump builds on the skills you learned in the previous lesson.  Within 25 jumps, you will be doing front flips, back flips, and turns in the air as you meet the requirements for a Class A license.
For your first jump, wear casual clothes suitable for outdoor activity at the temperatures forecast for the day.  In warm months:  shorts, jeans, or sweats, lightweight shirt, and tennis shoes.  In colder months:  jeans or sweats, long sleeved shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts, and gloves.  We furnish jumpsuits and goggles.  Helmets are optional for tandem jumps, and gloves are available.
What better way to celebrate your skydive than to have family, friends, or co-workers around to watch your accomplishment!!  Cameras, video recorders, and binoculars are always welcome.